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Muhammad Ali

Today at work, someone was talking about the achievements of Muhammad Ali when he ruled Egypt (not Cassius Clay by the way). He was talking about how Muhammad Ali had reformed education and tried to transfer Egypt into a modern nation. I admit that I've lost the knowledge I previously gained about Egyptian and world history through the primary/seconday education (talking about education reform!). Or is it really true that one's mind cann't keep info for more than 10 years.

Anyways, I should try to read more about History – I feel I'm missing something.

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  1. Anonymous says

    The best memory enhancement tool I’ve ever seen is Super Memo (short for memory). The company that wrote the software did a lot of memory research and their software (though the UI is crappy) is an excellent memory aid because of it. Check out

  2. Tamer says

    I thing software development is one of the reasons of my memory degradation :-) It’s hard to beleive that using a “software” application will enhance it.

    I prefer to read a book instead.

    Thanks for the pointer though :-)

  3. Hisham El-Tawil says

    They kept the Children mind for 50 years not for 10 years Tamer.
    The History that we studied is fake and will be fake forever. You remember that during the Mini MBA, Nabil El-Saghir said that the history is fake because it is written. The revolution men wrote the history they want, as The government people are writing the history they want..

    In Egypt and Every where the history is fake. You have to make huge efforts to become close to the reality in the history .. :(

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